Evelyn Menard rode in the Memorial Day Parade this year.

The crescendo of excitement is leading to the big show–this year’s fireworks display at Clark Lake.  This year it will occur on Sunday, July 3rd.   The place to experience it will be the east end of the lake.  On the east shore, south of the Beach Bar, the Menard family will once again light up the skies.  On the north shore, the Beach and Boat Club will present another impressive display.

The Menards started their tradition in 2000, at first with “bottle rockets and Roman candles”, says Evelyn Menard.  Daughter Karen comments “Mom is 92, and the Fourth of July is her favorite holiday.”  Evelyn starts thinking about it in the midst of another holiday season “I start praying for clear weather for the Fourth in December!”  The family acquires their arsenal from Phantom Fireworks in Fayette, Ohio.   Evelyn says you can count on seeing displays with names that match the excitement “like the Pyrotechnic Motherlode, three X9’s, Wickedly Awesome, Red White & Boom, and of course, the Grand Finale.”

The Menard’s showcase the event with patriotic music at the start and keep it coming as the fireworks streak across the sky.  Says Karen “my favorite moment is when everyone joins in singing the National Anthem.”

The Menard’s, below, think of this as their gift to the community.

Menard 2015 07-05 meta

As the Menards are making magic on the east shoreline, David Hoaglin is doing his thing at the Beach and Boat Club.  There are others on their docks or shore who also contribute to making it a 4K, 3D, HD, surround sound experience.  On the lake during all this, you’ll be sharing the lake with many other boats and rafts. It’s unforgettable.

Last year Diane Deming photographed the fireworks from her east end, south shore location.

What does the after fireworks boneyard look like?  Check it out below!

Menard fireworks boneyard 2015 07-05