White caps and 50 degrees.  Was Thursday, November 9th an ideal time for a leisurely cruise?  Perhaps not.  But duty called.  Each November at this time, C. J. Cox assembles a group for a ride around the lake.  The purpose?  To see what’s still in the water.

The 6 am July 4th Boat Count tends to maximize the number of boats under the theory if someone plans to have a boat in the water, it happens by then.  Yesterday’s count is the bookend – what hasn’t come out yet. How does it compare to previous years?  Check out the chart, which goes back to 2020.

The count coincides about the time when C. J. has her own raft stored.  In 2022 and 2021, the count took place on November 10th; in 2020 on November 8th.  Though the sun was out yesterday, the intrepid crew didn’t linger.  Because of the windchill, C.J. Cox says she would have let all 115 horses do their thing, but that does work so well when whitecaps splash over the bow.

  • Jenefer Keller, Cindy Naegele, Diana Smarch
  • Stephen "Rock" Rockwell and C. J. Cox
  • C. J. Cox and Andrea Rebbeck

The Yacht Club on November 12th…

If you wait too long…

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