Not a good thing.  Experience shows that when the ice melts, wind can move the ice, sweeping away whatever was frozen in it. 

Alex Karcher was doing his good deed for the day.  He said the Karcher’s next door neighbor plans to put in a new dock in the spring.  So, the neighbor sold the old one.  But the buyer never picked it up.  Then it got cold.  Alex found the ice had the dock supports in its firm grip, and chopping through three inches of it wasn’t working.

Alex adds this note, “I love winter at Clark Lake.” He’s an attorney, lives in Columbus, and enjoys visiting his parents whenever he can, “especially in the winter.”

Today was sunny and bright.  After the recent cold snap, temperatures reached into the 40s, and it almost felt like spring.  That brought out people on the Spirit Trail—walking or biking.

Some have gingerly stepped out on the ice, not being sure how solid it is.  Before the freeze, there was time for one last row on its waters on Friday, November 29th.

Photos and video:  Rick Belcher