Memorial Day 2020 at Clark Lake broke many traditions.  There was no Biggest Little Parade You’ll Find Anywhere.  Missing were Clark Lakers lining either side of Hyde Road to view it as it passed from north to south.  The Columbia Central Marching Band leading the parade was silent. Missing also were Clark Lake’s kids who marched the parade route. Not missing was the original intent of Memorial Day.  It was alive and well.  As most at he lake know, the parade and events surrounding it are sponsored each year by the Clark Lake Lions.  Walt Shuberg and some other members of the Club were unwilling to let the day pass without honoring our military’s fallen, some of whom are at rest in the Clark Lake Cemetery.  A short ceremony replaced the longer one of previous years, but it had no less impact.  A small group turned out for this event of respect that included a prayer, and a recording of Taps and Amazing Grace.  In this video the Lions Club’s Walt Reed and Walt Shuberg explain. 



Here are some of those who came out for this morning’s ceremony.

Story, photos and video:  Rick Belcher

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