As the parade marched onto Hyde Road, the air was thick with fog.  By the time Michigan’s biggest little parade reach the pivot point at the Township Park, the skies were bright and sunny.  Certainly those who lined Hyde Road were in the spirit of the day as the parade passed by.


So, who and what was in the parade?  Take one minute to watch the highlights.


Memorial Day at the head-of-the-lake is a mixture of emotions.  The parade is a delight for kids of all ages.  Then there is an important time out…a pause at the Clark Lake Cemetery where those who gave their all for our country are remembered.  There are both silent and audible prayers, and a solemn message about the meaning of their sacrifice. Taps concludes the ceremony.  As you view the video, you will notice that each phrase of the trumpet is answered by another, located in the back of the cemetery.


After the ceremony, the parade moves to the Clarklake Community Church.  Once there, more comments on Memorial Day, centering on our military.  Both words and music play a major role on this day.  The Columbia Central High School Band helps elevate the importance of the day.  In this video, you’ll hear them play the National Anthem.


There is an added fun moment for the kids on the church grounds—a two dollar bill!

All photos and videos:  Rick Belcher