Clark Lake Lions ventured to Brooklyn’s American Legion for the 43rd annual Cash Bash.  As the name suggests, it’s about winning.  At the event last night (Sat 4/29), the spotlight was on the Draw Down in which five prizes from $100 to $2000 are up for grabs.  Players acquire tickets for $50 each.  Each of the 170 tickets are numbered.  Along with the player’s name attached to it, they are posted on the wall.  Once your number is called, you’re out of the running, until the last five.

Here the numbered tickets are being drawn, and announced by emcee and event chairman Rick Shore.

As the numbers are called, they came off the wall.

The excitement builds to a peak as the last five numbers are called.  The last five will win cash, but how much?

Mike Hitchcock $100
Scott Diliberti $250
Robin Shore $500
Phil McShane $1,000
Ajax Heating $2,000

So that there is never a dull moment, several other games are part of the mix – 50/50 drawing, 50/50 button board, meat raffle, super raffle, and silent auction.  Coverall is a bingo-like game that interacts with the draw down.  The food is also a crowd pleaser.

The players and their fans.

Founded in 1965, by twenty-one Clark Lake community leaders, the Lions are affiliated with the international organization of 1.4 million members in 206 countries and geographic areas.  The original 21 members of the Clark Lake Lions met at the Clarklake Community Church for many years. In 1985 the club was able to purchase approximately 40 acres behind the church on the west end of the lake. That purchase is now Lions Park and includes the Lions’ clubhouse and soccer and baseball fields.

The Cash Bash is a primary fundraiser for the Clark Lake Lions.  They will use proceeds, about $4000, for the care of the clubhouse and grounds at Clark Lake.  In addition, fundraising enables the Club to participate in Lions Clubs International efforts that strive to rid the world of preventable and reversible blindness.

Events like these don’t happen on their own.  The Cash Bash comes together because of members who volunteer to help.


Jeannie Hitchcock (treasurer), Rick Shore (emcee & event chairman), Walt Shuberg (president), Walt Reed, Sandy Simon (secretary)

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