Michigan’s Biggest Little Parade grew larger this year.  The Memorial Day setting at the west end of the lake drew an enthusiastic group of Clark Lakers. There appeared to be more viewers and participants. 

The parade traveled from north to south on Hyde Road with viewers lined along the way.  The parade turned around in Doyle’s parking lot, which was something new this year.  Judi Kelly told the Lions Club organizers that Doyle’s would stay closed until after the parade so her lot could be used.  Previously, congestion slowed the process when the turnaround took place in the Township Park.

The return route from south to north paused at the Clark Lake Cemetery.  It is here that the Lions Club’s Walt Reed said a prayer on behalf of those interred in the Cemetery who had given their life while in military service.  The ceremony concluded with the playing of taps.  The lead trumpeter stood at the gate of the cemetery, and a second player echoed each line of taps from inside the grounds. 

Next, the parade and viewers moved to the lawn of the church.  Dave Hill, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, gave the Memorial Day address.  In this video, you’ll hear him tell a heartfelt story about a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice.  After Colonel Hill’s comments, the Columbia Central Marching Band performed the National Anthem. 

Lots of smiling faces turned out this morning.  See anyone you know?

Here are more photos of the parade.  At the end of the event, kids who participated were given a two-dollar bill.  Included in the slide show are a couple of photos of that.