Dozens of rafts and boats gathered at the east end of the lake creating their own kind of amphitheater for tonight’s big show.  It was the Menard’s annual fireworks extravaganza, scheduled this year on July 8th.  Packed into 25 minutes was an impressive display of one dazzling effect after another.

BJ Lyon’s drone gives us the view from east looking west.  As you view these photos of the fireworks, you can also see boats and rafts with their colorful lights reflecting on the water, against the afterglow of the sunset.   


Catching the brilliant splashes of color etched upon the night sky is heightened by freezing the action in an instant.  Diane Deming did that and captured the intricate detail that is easy to miss when you view the event live.  Her photos are from the south side of the east end of the lake.

Here’s video from up above via BJ’s drone:

The photos below provide a different view as these were taken from a boat where the motion of the waves created their own special effect.  

The event started with the National Anthem.  As the last notes played, the fireworks began.

The Menard’s have been adding to their Independence Day fireworks each year.  Click here to learn about how this family affair has turned into a tradition for the whole lake.

On behalf of the lake, thanks go out to the Menard’s whose investment in time, skill (and cash) made this awesome event possible, and to Diane Deming and BJ Lyons who greatly enhanced coverage for all to see.