If driving on Jefferson Road between 127 and South Jackson, you can’t miss Jackson County Department of Transportation activity.  JCDOT says that the tree trimming project should be finished by tomorrow (Fri 2/9).  Jefferson is passable, but during work hours traffic may be restricted to one lane at times.

During summer 2025, Michigan Department of Transportation has planned work for the intersection of 127 and Jefferson Road.  It will consist of heavy maintenance on the joints of the bridge at that intersection.

What else?

In spite of warm weather, the ice looked solid enough to walk on.  But is it?  Yesterday, Mike Ligibel checked it out and found the depth was reduced to 2 inches, and walking on it would not be a good idea.  Here’s a panoramic view of the west end from the Eagle Point shoreline.


Below is the fading outline of a skating rink near Eagle Point.  Because of poor ice conditions, the Clark Lake Cup hockey match morphed into a gathering that featured dodgeball and axe throwing – on a tennis court.  Click here to see what happened.

As always, Clark Lake offers a variety when it comes to weather conditions.  For example check out these two photos taken at the intersection of Sandy Beach at the Lakeview West.

This photo was taken on February 4th.  The landscape actually sparkled – sunlight illuminated the outline of the trees and their branches.


From a similar vantage, this sunset was captured on January 21st.