Clark Lake’s big bang did not disappoint.  For those on rafts or in boats in the middle of the east end, fireworks surrounded you in every direction, like a Disney attraction.  The Menard’s, Beach & Boat Club and others lit up the sky in a big way.  The crowd acknowledged it with cheers and horn honking. The rafts and boats themselves added to the experience with the running lights and the new enhanced colorful displays.

Diane Deming caught the spirit of the fireworks in these photos.

More luminaries than ever lined the shores, the work of the Raft-O-Rama committee.  Fire pits added to the atmosphere.


The day started with the 2016 Boat Count.  Click here for results.  This photo shows the lake as the boat count crew patrolled the shoreline.  This view is from the west end, facing Mud Point.



Activity on the lake commenced early–at sunrise.  The calm waters were ideal for barefootin’.  Why waste gas at 42 mph when two can ski for the price of one!



The swan family, nesting at Hancock Point seemed oblivious to the activity around them.


Peak lake activity occurred by mid-afternoon.




A balloon flyover in the early evening.

DSC_7128_384 DSC_7132_385

And the weekend isn’t over yet!  Come back for more.