If the past is any indicator, a variety of fireworks from Clark Lake neighbors will be on display.  What else can you expect?  One Clark Lakers will light up the sky from a raft on Sunday evening (July 3rd).  He’ll position the display at mid-lake, near Eagle Point.   He has past experience at this, and his mastery of the art will certainly add to celebrating American independence.

Before the fireworks, luminaries will create a soft glow along the shorelines.  The idea grows a bit every year.  Clark Lakers line the lakefront with the luminaries and light them as evening shadows fall.  The soft glow is magical.  

There are two ways to get them—at Doyle’s Market or when a Raft-O-Rama committee member knocks on your door.  In each tote bag are 10 luminaries.  The bottom of each luminary is filled with sand to keep it anchored.  The small candle (included) is lit in the evening, and quite often, you’ll find them still burning early the next morning.  Contribution for a tote bag containing ten luminaries is $15.  

The project is the work of Raft-O-Rama.  Over the last few weeks, they have ramped up the production line, and now this year’s output is ready for action.  

On Saturday, July 9th, Mahalak’s Freedom Fireworks will paint Clark Lake’s sky.  As in past years, this massive production will be the work of Starfire Corporation.  Stay tuned.  More on Freedom Fireworks by clicking here.