Freedom Fireworks will again thunder over Clark Lake.  The dramatic displays of colorful and intricate designs accompanied by earth-shaking roars and rumble is set for Saturday, July 9th.  Ralph Mahalak Jr. and friends have made Freedom Fireworks an annual event–2022 will be year four.  

In previous years, Clark Lakers have helped support this grand display.  To simply the process, the arrangement is different this year.  To donate to the cause, write a check directly to the fireworks provider—Starfire Corporation, and mail to Ralph Mahalak, Jr., 6378 N Shore Drive, Clark Lake, MI 49234.  You can reach Ralph on his cell phone at (734) 735-1233.   

Below are some memorable moments from 2021.

The explosives are launched from a barge located between Kentucky and Eagle Points.  That location creates a central focus from either end of the lake.  Both the DamCam and Spirit Cam will live stream the display.  But the best viewing is in-person and from a raft on the lake (but not too close).