Luminaries lining the shores of Clark Lake. Photo courtesy of Jill BentleyWith Independence Day almost here, the Raft-O-Rama Committee has been working hard on the luminary project–to light up Clark Lake’s shorelines on July 3rd.  Every year, more cottagers participate.  The result?  As dusk descends on Clark Lake, the soft glow of luminaries that will be seen lining the shores.

This weekend, committee members will be going door-to-door around the lake so you can join in.  Over the last couple of weeks, the group has been creating the luminaries–a paper bag, sand to stabilize the bag, and a small candle–over 200 of them.  The luminaries are then placed in a Clark Lake commemorative bag provided through donations from sponsors.  A bag of fully prepared luminaries are $15.  A do it yourself version is available for  $10.

In addition the R-O-R crew circulating the lake, you can also purchase luminaries at Doyle’s Market.

This photo was taken by Diane Deming during the 2016 Independence Day celebration at Clark Lake.

Monday, July 3rd is the date for the luminaries and for displays individuals may launch.  The Beach and Boat Club has said that theirs will occur on Tuesday, July 4th.  Typically one of the biggest displays on the lake is at the east end along Ocean Beach Road.  This  year, the Menard family is delaying their display until Saturday, July 8th.  Read about the Menard’s awesome fireworks tradition at Clark Lake by clicking here.

If you are doing it yourself, here’s the recipe for creating a luminary.