If it’s Wednesday, the women own the Beach Bar’s long board.   The Clark Lake Pine Sliders have been competing on Wednesday nights every season for the last 28 years.  In the photo, you’ll see a founding member, Meredith Szostek, who is surrounded by the other players.  

From left to right: Debbie Minak-Dmytrusz, Sue Labatzy, Jill Morrisey, Judi Kelly, Pam Chmiel, Meredity Szostek, Marti Watson, Suzie Creech.

As noted, Meredith is a founding member of the group.  In good spirits, Meredith pointed out that she was accused of being 90 in a newspaper article.  Her response?  “It’s not so!”

There are four teams, each with two members.  Unlike the men’s league, there is no playoff at the end of the season, unless there is a tie.  The most wins gets your name up on the Beach Bar’s wall of honor above the long board.   


The name of the women’s league is the Pine Sliders.  And if you’re wondering, it is indeed similar to the name of another well-known group at the lake—the Pine Riders Water Ski Club.  It’s a clever variation that does seem to fit.   The Pine Riders’ banner still flies not far from the Pine Sliders play at the Beach Bar. 


Men’s Shuffleboard League plays on Thursday evenings at the Beach Bar.  Click here to learn more