Before you check out the standings, find out what the players think of their game and their competition.  After all, Men’s Shuffleboard at Clark Lake has been a Thursday night staple at the Beach Bar for decades.  What’s the motivation?  In this video, the players don’t hold back and tell all.  Watch to see what makes them tick.

In week 9, Bullinger and Claucherty displace Boyers and Dobbs for number one in the Green Division. Places third through fifth maintain their positions.

In the Red Division, Rothfuss and Walczak stay in first place.  All others hold their positions.

If you thought shuffleboard was the only Thursday night competition at Clark Lake, that would be wrong.  Another group of competitors form at the Clark Lake Golf Course’s Dominic’s for trivia.  Several teams, each at their own table, compete to win prizes.  Here are some of the contestants looking to win. 


Photos and video:  Rick Belcher