A sign that marks one of Clark Lake’s iconic periods joins the growing collection of other artifacts at the Community Center.  These historical treasures are part of the Community Center’s effort to preserve Clark Lake’s past. 

Over many years, Rollo Every owned of the Eagle Point Resort.  While he and his wife, Virginia, operated the hotel and other Eagle Point attractions, they stayed in the cottage at 1410 Eagle Point Drive.  The sign was posted to attract renters to other properties.  

Steve and Margie Harris donated this sign to the Community Center today (April 20, 2022).  For awhile, Steve had the sign mounted on his garage, and would get inquiries from people wanting to rent.  Not wanting to lead people astray, he eventually relocated the sign where it was not visible from the road.  

So, how did Steve acquire the sign?  Flashback to the early 1990’s.  Rollo was gone, and the Point had changed hands.  One of Rollo’s buildings that had once been near the pavilion had been moved closer to the cottage.  Now it was being emptied out.  By chance, Flip Reynolds came across a trailer full of items from that building.  Know the destination was the landfill, he rescued not only this sign, but a duplicate.  Today, Flip has that on display in his garage. 

Steve memorialized the sign’s history on its reverse side.  

In summer 2020, Jill Bentley and David Nichols purchased the Every cottage from Rollo’s descendants.  Click here to read about the historical significance of the cottage.  Of special interest are the inscriptions on interior walls.   

The building that is now the Community Center for 100 years stood on Kentucky Point.  When it appeared that the cottage would be lost, Clark Lakers saved it by floating it down the lake to its new location in the County Park.  Then major work began to restore it.  Now, 25 years later, the house is again undergoing a major restoration.  A year ago, a list of areas requiring work was compiled, and work is advancing quickly to avoid substantial increases in the cost of materials.  

Clark Lakers are showing their love for this iconic structure.  They have contributed generously, allowing work to proceed as fundraising continues.  Donations are welcome by check, mailed to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234, or by credit card through this website.  Those who have contributed $100 or more will be recognized on a large wall display.  The display will become a permanent part of the house and Clark Lake history.  If you have already donated, how would you like your name(s) to read?  Please email specifics to ClarkLakeSpirit@gmail.com if you haven’t done this yet.