Familiar faces return to Columbia Township elective office.  According to unofficial results from Jackson County at 11 pm Tuesday (8/2/16), Bob Elrod returns as supervisor.  Incumbent trustees Flip Reynolds, Robin Tackett, Brent Beamish, and Rick DeLand won the four available seats.  Eight individuals ran for them.  John Calhoun, township treasurer, and Barry Marsh, township clerk, ran unopposed.  Flip Reynolds, Robin Tackett, and John Calhoun are Clark Lake residents.


All of the above ran as Republicans in this primary.  Since there were no candidates on the Democrat side of the ballot for these offices, the primary results will stand.

The three property tax proposals won.  Those include a renewal for Columbia Township Fire and Police Departments.  Voters in Jackson County also said “yes” to a new tax for the Jackson County Medical Care Facility.  Some of the tax money can split amount a number of Jackson County municipalities–City of Jackson, Grass Lake, Springport, Blackman, Leoni, and Parma.  For details on these proposals and the ballot presented to Clark Lake voters, please click here.

These results are of 11 pm, Tuesday, August 2nd.  For updates and more election results as posted by Jackson County, please click here.