County crews arrived this morning (Tuesday) at Clark Lake for the paving of Eagle Point Drive.  The new road surface will cover the gravel/dirt section that starts where Eagle Point Road meets Eagle Point Drive.  The new pavement will head east to where the existing pavement resumes.   

The first step is grading.  Applying asphalt will follow.  A ditch will be dug along the south side of the road to allow rainwater to flow to a drain.  The work will move quickly with completion expected by Thursday or earlier. 

A special assessment district was established to enable the project.  To read about that, please click here. 


Lakeview Drive West Update

Meanwhile, repairs to Lakeview Drive West have not yet begun, and may not begin for several days.  You’ll find barricades at Eagle Point Road and at the intersection of Lakeview and Sandy Beach.  As reported on this website, the road surface over a culvert is not properly supported, and could cave in.  Watch Michael McCarthy explain in this video.

Jackson County is required to obtain a permit from EGLE (formerly the state DEQ) before proceeding.  The culvert carries runoff from the Eagle Point swamp to the lake.  This aerial photo shows the approximate route.

The swamp water enters the culvert on the east side of the road.

The drain then takes that water to the lake.

The water enters the lake at the shoreline.