Columbia Township has approved a special assessment district to pave the dirt section of Eagle Point Drive.  The affected area starts where Eagle Point Road (heading north) ends, and Eagle Point Drive (heading east) begins.  Over a period of months, and during several public meetings, proponents and opponents of the plan debated the pros and cons.  Along with that came votes of the Columbia Township board, including the final vote last night. 

Last month, the board rescinded a previous vote to disapprove, and tabled the resolution for reconsideration this month, when it was approved. 

During public comment at the beginning of last night’s meeting, property owner Carolyn Nichols reasserted her opposition to the plan.  Next, Kurt Parker, an attorney for the proponents, spoke.  He was followed Trav Pearse, who was instrumental in initiating the project. Each had three minutes.  Carolyn used part of her three minutes to speak about the west end boat launch (video is presented separately in this article).  Watch the public comment video regarding the paving below.


Here is video of the vote, as it happened last night.


A special assessment district (SAD) can be created by petition of residents involved.  A majority of residents is required for the SAD to go forward.  It must then be approved at township level. 

For this SAD, property owners aligning the affected area will pay for the paving over a three year period.  Jackson County will cover 30% of the cost and install drainage.

Carolyn Nichols spoke about the west end boat launch during public comment at the meeting.  Here is the video. 

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