Jackson County Department of Transportation (JCDOT) returned to Clark Lake yesterday.  Their work addressed drainage on the south side of Eagle Point Drive in the newly paved section.   The process involved removing excess dirt and gravel, laying fabric, and covering it with limestone.  The fabric is porous to enable some runoff to be absorbed by the ground below it.  The stones will keep the fabric in place. 

Heading from east to west, the stonework begins where the new pavement joins the old pavement.  The stonework ends at about 1392 Eagle Point Drive.  At that location, the County laid straw.  The expectation is that runoff will come down the hill, head over the straw and find its way to three drains.  

The three drains are on Marina property.

After a finishing coat of asphalt is applied to the road surface possibly in August, the now-muddy shoulder will be hydroseeded.  

Earlier, runoff eroded a section of the road bed, resulting in a partial collapse, adjacent to the north shoulder. 

The mud, sand and/or gravel where Eagle Point Road meets Eagle Point Drive can present a hazard.  On Saturday, a Clark Lake resident wiped out on his moped.  “I was heading north on Eagle Point Road.  As I approached the intersection, I accelerated slightly.  The tire lost traction, and that took me down.”   He received minor injuries in the mishap, and this morning reports his scrapes are healing.  A neighbor says a child on the bike took fall at a similar location.  A relevant message to anyone on two wheels.  Gravel and sand can be enemies. 

Since this photo was taken, a neighbor has shoveled the gravel and sand off the pavement, but a coating remains.  

This short video shows the intended path for the flow of runoff.