“Dock in the Lake” usually doesn’t warrant a headline.  But for one to go into the frigid waters on February 19th, that’s news.

With the sun beaming down and 50 degrees in the breeze, Mike McKay may have achieved a Clark Lake first.  There is, of course, unspoken competition as to who will get their dock in the lake first.  It’s always a bit difficult to judge the winner because you can’t see the entire lake minute-by-minute, all-at-once.  So far, the rest of the lake hasn’t made the move.  Dock pieces are resting comfortably on the shore.

This also shows Mike’s confidence that the ice is gone for good for the season.  In the fall, some have guessed wrong and left docks in the water too late, only to be faced with chopping them out before the spring thaw.  Experience shows that when the ice melts, wind can move the ice, sweeping away whatever was frozen in it.  Remember this story?


Alex Karcher was doing his good deed for the day.  He said the Karcher’s next door neighbor had planned to put in a new dock in the spring.  So, the neighbor sold the old one.  But the buyer never picked it up.  Then it got cold.  Alex found the ice had the dock supports in its firm grip, and chopping through three inches of it wasn’t working.  The story was first published on December 19, 2019.

Another chapter from the same book occurred on December 9, 2013, as you can see below.

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