Jet Lev up

The Jet can be maneuvered several ways--straight up 30 or 4o feet, flips or dives

The Jet can be maneuvered several ways–straight up 30 or 40 feet, flips or dives

The Jet Lev made another visit to Clark Lake today.  These photos were taken near the Columbia Township Park at the head-of-the-lake.  The person levitating straps about 28 pounds of equipment on his back and is hooked up to a jet ski.  The jet ski generates thrust via a stream of water delivered at 1200 gallons-per-minute to turn the user into a human projectile.

Last year, several Clark Lake residents experimented with a Jet Lev at Eagle Point–Dan Omo, Jerry Shaughnessy, Kevin Fink, John Collins, Gary Shultz, Connor Ford, Bill Searles and his daughter Elan, and Bruce, Roger and B.J. Lyons. You can read about that adventure by clicking here.