As reported previously on this website, a promoter is proposing to hold up to five concerts this summer at Clark Lake.  You can read the most recent article by clicking here.

Some facts:

  •  The location is about 450 yards from Hyde & North Shore, and about 680 yards from the Clark Lake shoreline.
  • Concert goers would enter and exit via one road, Industrial Drive, which intersects with US127.
  • Alcohol will be sold on the grounds.
  • 1750 parking spaces.
  • Up to 5000 could attend.
  • Concerts require much more amplification than used by lake restaurants or private parties for bands.  Even if speakers were directed away from the lake, bass disperses 360 degrees.
  • Other venues, such as MIS, are designed for such uses.
  • Benefits to Columbia Township, its residents, and businesses appear minimal.  Other live entertainment is widely available. Most concert goers would likely arrive from elsewhere and not frequent local businesses.
  • The entire Columbia Township police force will be needed at each event.  Though the promoter intends to compensate them, their involvement might keep them from responding elsewhere.

Those at and around Clark Lake are stakeholders.  If you are part of this community, consider participating in this survey.  (Names and emails will not be shared).

Note:  In a period of 15 minutes, the survey was inundated with responses. That, along with other evidence, indicated abuse.  Because of that, the survey is now offline.

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