Clark Lake has earned a special place in many hearts.  Memories of yesterday, and the activity of today, truly elevate it as a prized destination.  Support for the community has come through loud and clear.  As reported yesterday, those joining the Pretty Pergola Campaign will turn the Garden Angels dream into a reality.  Recently, Clark Lake came together to save the Community Center as it was restored for a second time since the move from Kentucky Point.  Because of careful planning, activity and events continued to be held, even during the replacement of the verandas.  Today the work on the historic building is nearly complete.

While some projects are still in play, one objective was finished yesterday.  It’s highly important to recognize those who came to the rescue with their financial support.  Over 100 people voted with their checkbooks to preserve Clark Lake’s past and to provide a place for gatherings to occur.  Names of those people will be forever visible on the Recognition Display with a salute for Standing Up for Clark Lake.  The display measures 78″ x 60″ and occupies a major part of a wall near the north entrance.  Here it is.

Because of reflections, photos don’t give it its fair due.  Below is a proof for closer inspection, with colors as they appear inside the building.

Names can also be seen in this story about Clark Lake’s Wrinkle in Time. Click here to review it. 

As events and open houses take place, all will be able to see this work of art in person.

Mike McKay created the design.  In collaboration with M-R, he constructed the borders and backing.  Paragon Design + Display, Ann Arbor, printed the background image, fabricated the overlays on which the names are inscribed, and mounted it.  The background photo was taken on May 30, 2019 by Rick Belcher, while on a boat.  It was one of those perfect Clark Lake moments that would be difficult to replicate.  The original is below.

The restoration work – and the creation of the display – is the result of countless hours of work by Foundation directors, the Community Center Leadership Group, and other volunteers who pitched in.  Teamwork makes the dream work.