In our slice of paradise, is it possible that there are things some people find scary?  Yes!  And at this time of year, it’s the right moment to review them.  Here are Clark Lake’s Seven Scariest.  Have something to add?  Email

1. A close encounter with a gar pike.  Known to kids as sword fish, these actually resemble them.  Are they found in Clark Lake?  Yep!  Below is one that once swam in our waters.

gar meta 2015 07-01

2.  How about an unintended connection with a rubber back turtle?  The vulnerability of its soft shell is mitigated by an elongated neck that can reach around and chomp on anyone attempting to pick one up.  Of course, the real problem is accidentally stepping on one buried in the sand.  Very unpleasant.

3.  Snapping turtles aren’t friendly either.  Read George Hill’s story on this website about how a swan met its end while it was extending its neck to the bottom.  Mr. Snapping Turtle grabbed hold and didn’t let go until dispatching the swan.  Also, consider the lyrics to “My Ding-a-Ling” as sung by Chuck Berry in 1972.

4.  Right out of horror movies are the Clark Lake blood suckers.  Find yourself in the wrong part of the lake, and one of these leeches can attach itself to you.  The solution?  No, not a silver stake.  Have a shaker of salt ready.

5.  How about skiing or boating in certain parts of the lake and taking a spill–into a nasty bed of milfoil.  Yes, the dense weeds rise to the surface with their slimy arms trying to hold onto you as you vainly attempt to escape their grasp.  No one to the rescue?  They could pull you under.

6.  You leave a door or window open and while you’re not looking, you receive an unwanted visitor.  Perhaps you don’t notice until the middle of the night laying there in bed.  There are few experiences like waking at 3 am to find a bat swooping around your head.  Keep a tennis racket handy!

7.  Out on a boat at night can be fun.  Or maybe not. What just crawled down your neck?  Could it be something with eight legs and is big, hairy and dark brown.  And could possible bite.  Call for the can of Raid!

Clark Lake may have its scary moments, but escapes the worst.  For example, there is no one named Freddy running around brandishing a chainsaw.  And there is no haunted house with evil spirits trying to haunt you, as far we know.  But perhaps on Saturday evening it will be a different story!