The meteor show last night (Wednesday into Thursday morning) was impressive.  Beth June definitely wanted to witness this display of nature and succeeded.  “I went out on the dock about 12:45 am, wrapped myself in a blanket, and lay down on the dock looking towards the northeast sky.”  It didn’t take long for the action to begin.  Some shooting stars “were short, over quickly.”  But one in particular, says Beth, “had a long trail that extended across the sky and gradually fizzled.”  She wrapped up her viewing session about 2 am.

As outlined in an earlier story on August 5th on this website, tonight should also be another viewing opportunity.  That of course depends on clear skies.  Last night “was crystal clear, and the milky way looked palpable, like you could touch it”, according to Beth June.

If you miss it this year, it will be back next year and presumably many years to come.  Every August it’s a free show at Clark Lake in our northeast sky to straight overhead.

About tonight’s (Thursday) sunset–like many of them, the show went through several iterations. Below are selected photos, in sequence, of nature’s performance as Clark Lake said goodbye to the day.  (Note:  Photoshop was not used on these photos).