Raft-O-Rama, Run Clark Lake, the Great American Crab Races, Kayak Races, Kids Triathlon and many other fun events are now part of history for this year.  Is that all there is?  Not quite!  Nature has another show on the way, and Clark Lake is great place to enjoy it.

Every year about this time, the Perseid meteor shower is visible across the night sky.  It’s at its best between August 9th and 13th and peaks on August 11th.  But timeanddate.com points out that because of the new moon on August 14th, conditions are excellent for viewing.

The website also says the best time to enjoy it is just before dawn.  You’ll see the shooting stars in the north-east part of the sky to straight overhead.  Depending on your location on the lake, you could view it from your dock or get a better view by taking a cruise on the lake.

These “shooting stars” are actually tiny space debris.  Time and date says the debris is from the comet Swift-Tuttle, and named after the constellation Perseus.

John Stewart moonrise

Panoramic view of Clark Lake moonrise. Photo: John Stewart