The East vs. West end annual hockey match at Clark Lake has been called off.  The Clark Lake Cup had been scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd, but won’t happen because of ice conditions.

One measurement of the ice on January 21st showed a depth of 9 inches.  When crews cut through the ice for the January 27th Polar Plunge, they noted the ice was 4 to 4 1/2 inches thick.  Warmer weather has caused further melting and some open spots are appearing.

The West end (Eagle Point or Narrows) and East end (Almeda Court) alternate as hosts.  Last year, the East end hosted, and the rink was located not far from Ocean Beach Road.  This year, the rink would have been located near Eagle Point.

Last winter, ice came and went a few times.  That put the game in doubt.  As it turned out, the day of the game was absolutely perfect.  The ice was thick enough and smooth as glass.  Check out the game in this video.


Below are some freeze frames from last year’s match.

The game was popular with fans who came to watch the action, and caught up with neighbors while enjoying the sunshine.


The Almeda Court group photo from 2023.


The Eagle Point group photo from 2023.


In this photo, B.J. Lyons holds the Clark Lake Cup.  It will be ready for action in 2025.