Whenever something out of the ordinary occurs on the lake, it attracts attention.  Clark Lake is really like a huge stage, and especially if you have some athletic endeavor in mind.

Powered by the wind, Jeff Pearse slid onto Clark Lake’s stage yesterday (Sat 1/20) from his family’s cottage location in Pierce’s Bay.

Jeff had a tug of war with yesterday’s gusty winds.  His kite took him between Kentucky and Eagle Points and back and forth a few times.

According to his cousin, Michael McCarthy, the kite can pick you up abruptly and “doesn’t drop you gently.”

The same kite can be used during the summer.

Yesterday was gray, and today Clark Lake looks quite different.

Lots of sun, blue skies, and warmer at 25 degrees at 2:30 pm.

And fishing.


One question that comes up in conversationa is “how thick is the ice.”  This morning at 11 am, this website investigated by chopping through the ice and measuring.  At 11:25 am, the ice was 9 inches thick along the Eagle Point shoreline, west end.

The hole evidence.

Back to Clark Lake as a stage.  Let’s rewind to last summer when Blake Evans put on a show at Eagle Point.

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