Every year Clark Lake’s watercrafts are counted.  The annual census takes place early on July 4th.  Why the Fourth?  It’s based on the assumption that every watercraft that is going into the water will be in the water by this date. 

On Sunday the counting crew will launch at 6 am and circle the lake.  The count is under the command of Terry Scott, with Tom Bules, scribe; and Rick Belcher, barker.  The command raft will come very close to the docks to ensure good visuals of the moored crafts.  Frank and Josie Hones will survey from Mud Point to where Eagle Point Road meets Lakeview west.  They will use a canoe as this area includes water too shallow for the command raft. 

This longstanding tradition reaches back to Bowser Eagy, who started the boat count in 1959.  The data between 1961 through 1986 were lost.  But you can glean detail and insight into cyclical popularity by reviewing last year’s boat count (please click here).  

How will 2021 turn out?  Last summer saw lots of boat traffic.  Many of those boats were brought in from elsewhere and weren’t part of the count.  Boating at Clark Lake is more popular than ever.  Check back on the Fourth to find out for the current census.