In keeping with the July 4th tradition, the Clark Lake boat count commenced in the 6 am hour Saturday.  The count takes place on July 4th every year under the theory developed long ago–any craft that will be in the lake for the season, will be moored by this date.  Here are some key takeaways:

  • Rafts continue to rank number one, up 2%.  At 621, it’s a new high for rafts.   
  • Power boats are up 5%; people power craft are down 6%. 
  • Sailboats were up because the number of Hobies increased to 31 from 25.  The number of regular hull sailboats set a new low at 39, down 7%. In 1987, there were 252 sailing craft when Fleet 58 was still strong.
  • Jet skis are up 12%. 
  • Jet boats increased, inboard-outboards decreased. 
  • The number of craft at marinas decreased slightly, except for the Beach and Boat Club. 
  • Twenty-six percent of the boats on the lake are moored at one of the clubs.
  • There are 3.2 boats on average at each residential dock.

The boat count was under the command of Terry Scott.  There were two groups working.  Terry piloted his raft, Tom Bules was scribe, and Rick Belcher, barker.

On boat two were Frank and Josie Hones who surveyed the shallower areas in a canoe from Mud Point to where Lakeview West meets Eagle Point Road.

Bowser Eagy started the boat count in 1959.  The data between 1961 through 1986 were lost.  But you can glean detail and insight into cyclical popularity with this spreadsheet.