Every so often, a piece of Clark Lake’s past reveals itself.  This happens when a cottage is coming down to replaced by a new house.  Or it could happen during repairs.  While a crew worked on the house at Hyde and Oakwood, some of that past reappeared.  Today the building is a rental residence, owned by Judi Kelly of Doyle’s.  If your timeline at Clark Lake predates 1963, you may have known this building as Robert’s Grocery.  In 1963, Robert’s moved across the street into the building that later became Doyle’s (to learn more about Doyle’s, please click here).

Even long time Clark Lakers might not know about the predecessor to Robert’s, at Hyde and Oakwood—unless you read page 139 of Ted Ligibel’s book, Clark Lake, Images of a Michigan Tradition.  Long before Robert’s, the building housed Blake’s Grocery, as you can see in these photos taken during the repairs. 



You can also see an ad for a featured item, Eberle Beer.  It turns out that Eberle also has local roots.  Click here to read about Eberle of Jackson.  

The first photo shows Robert’s Grocery in 1947.  The second photo pictures the same view in 2018.  The third photo was taken on Labor Day 2021.

The following is only related to the story above in so far that it also harkens back to Clark Lake’s yesteryears.  What’s among the Clark Lake news items in the April 14, 1927 Exponent?  “Mr. and Mrs. Sam Harmon of Toledo are spending a few days at their cottage at Pleasant View.”  And “Mrs. Burr Smith spent Monday in Jackson.”   But you will want to read the rest of the story for yourself, including what happened in North Clark Lake.