It was July 4, 2021 as this unhappy tale unfolded in the Township Park on one of our nations most celebrated holidays.   The park was busy and filled to capacity.  A man was creating a scene drawing attention to himself and becoming disorderly.   A Columbia Township Police Officer approached the person and determined that he was intoxicated.  The suspect refused a preliminary breath test and gave the officer a fake name. The disorderly behavior continued to escalate as Chief Jay Niles came to the scene to assist. The chief recognized the person from previous contacts and knew the individual’s real name.  The decision? To protect the safety of others, the chief and officer put him in the back of the patrol car.

Then, police say, things got worse.  The suspect began kicking his surroundings, destroying the interior of the vehicle. Later, repairs totaled about $7000.  Police took the man to the hospital for medical clearance, and then to jail.

The person, from Adrian, was charged with malicious destruction of police property, a felony.

Now, on a Saturday morning, you’re seeing part of the sentence – community service.  Joshua Archer returns to the scene in a very different frame of mind.  This time, he’s cleaning up the park.  And the vibrant color of the t-shirt?  Chief Niles says “I chose the color so people could recognize his position as a community service worker for Columbia Township.” And perhaps you notice another detail in the photo.  Mr. Archer is smiling.

Story based on police reports.

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