The Columbia Township Park on Hyde Road, Clark Lake has been the source of significant problems.  Troublemakers, say police, are typically not Township residents.  On days when the park is crowded, police keep a close eye on it and don’t hesitate to ticket violators.

Residents in the area have been faced with rude, aggressive and belligerent visitors, and incursions onto their property.  The safety of park users has been threatened.  On holidays and weekends, overcrowding is not uncommon.  Over time, the Township has addressed the situation by establishing new regulations, changing hours, and ensuring a police presence.  Recently, the Township board hired OHM consultants to look at the problems with the idea of reconfiguring the layout.  Limiting parking spaces is seen as a way of preventing overcrowding.  Other possibilities include adding bathrooms, open air showers, and improving the beach.  Ideas for each concept can be seen within the legends in the upper left of each.  These concepts were presented to board members at the Monday, June 26, meeting.

Columbia Township Park

Golf carts came back for another round of discussion at the monthly board meeting.  Currently use of golf carts on public roads in Columbia Township is not legal.  Because many use golf carts anyway, the Township is looking at legalizing their use, but requiring safety equipment, and where, how and when they can be operated.  Police Chief Jay Niles presented a draft ordinance.  Click here to read it.

Board members asked questions and made comments.  Some wondered if the list of required equipment would be too burdensome on owners.  The topic is likely to reemerge at the July board meeting.