At Clark Lake, the 3rd of July paid its respects to the Fourth.  As if to take advantage of a picture perfect summer day, the lake buzzed with activity.  The Eagle Point Cove attracted its devotees.  

And Pierces Bay showed its popularity for rafts and boats that wanted to hang out. 

As usual, the Ocean Beach shoreline was packed.

The evening began with the lighting of luminaries.  Raft-O-Rama, which creates and distributes them, reports demand was high.  And so it proved to be, as you scanned the Clark Lake shorelines. 

Then came the fireworks.  Lots of rafts and boats came to the party.  Rafts with led lights added to the color. 

Neighbors put on the fireworks displays.  If there were a competition between east and west ends of the lake, the west ran away with it.  In previous Independence Day fireworks, no one could beat the Menard’s annual extravaganza, which sadly ended with the passing of the family’s matriarch.  Evelyn loved the 4th of July like few others, and each year she and the family worked to top the previous year.

At the west end, some spots stood out.  At Eagle Point fireworks lit the sky.  

On the North Shore, it appeared like two launch sites worked in tandem.

Pierces Bay was also a hotbed of explosives. 

And this flag, showered with light against the summer night, was an explanation point for the meaning of the celebration. 

The next painting of Clark Lake’s skies happens on Saturday, July 9th—Mahalak’s Freedom Fireworks.  The display will be engineered by Starfire Corporation, as in the past.  Don’t miss it.