The Magic of Ideas

by Rick Belcher

Eons ago the State of Michigan gave Jackson the choice of being home of the state prison or the University of Michigan. The city fathers chose the prison under the theory that you would never run out of potential clients. So the Wolverines had to make do with Ann Arbor.

It was… Read more »

Having a Bad Day?

by Rick Belcher

Having a bad day? Maybe, maybe not.

My radio career had just taken a step forward—I was now the operations manager/program director at WSGW, Saginaw-Bay City-Midland. I also hosted a full service morning show 6 to 10 am that consisted of news, weather, sports and every hour, a couple of songs. I… Read more »

Finding Your Mojo

 By Rick Belcher

Many kids growing up struggle to find what kind of work they want to do. I am grateful to say that I never had that problem. From very early on I was fascinated with radio. When in the first grade, I started the day listening to what my mother listened to–Chuck… Read more »

A Seventh Grade Christmas

This is a true tale, written by Rick Belcher who lives at Clark Lake. He grew up in Toledo, attending elementary and high school there.  He spent every summer at the most wonderful place in the world–the lake.

When I was growing up, Christmas was always the number one holiday. But like for many kids,… Read more »

Dogs at Clark Lake

Ironically this Tale is about tails–dogs at Clark Lake that have an interesting story to tell.  This story is by our own Laurice LaZebnik, who lives with her husband, Bob, on Kentucky Point.  The story you’re about to read has some local historical and landmark references.  It’s adapted from her book– Strongheart, A Dog Who… Read more »