Just when we thought winter had left us behind, Clark Lake froze over again.  “This is truly a freak event” said meteorologist Justin Kraze.  “We don’t usually see situations like this.” 

The freak freeze was significant enough that on this first day of April, the hockey nets went out, and practice shots were taken.

Snow in April doesn’t happen often, but it’s not a shocking event.  To have the lake freeze over again is quite another.  What does this mean to people who have already put their docks in?  “Hopefully there will be no wind when the ice finally does break up” remarks Brad Branefhart who put is dock in early.

Meteorologist Kraze explanation helped elucidate our situation this way. “I have developed a radial-tuned suspension model that provides important insight.  As you dive deep into the data, you see the hydramatic effect that stimulates a high-atmosphere dynaflow.  That, in turn, is the power glide that enables this odd-ball vector.” 

The bigger question is “when will the ice go out for good?”  Ice on the April 1st is one thing, or do we have to worry about it infringing on Memorial Day activities?  We will have to rely on the purveyors of fake news for updates.