Natural Encounters

Clark Lake Eagle Update

Today Becky Consonni was in her car on Hyde Road with her camera by her side.  She describes what happened next:

“I looked over in the clouds and there was the eagle!  It was soaring high above  Hyde Road on the other side of Jefferson. I drove over there and saw that it had changed… Read more »

When Clark Lake Freezes, What Happens to the Eagle?

In response to our recent stories about sightings of the Clark Lake eagle, Judi Blackmur posed the question “Any idea what this eagle will do/eat during the winter months?”

John Deming responds:

“Eagles eat mostly fish, an occasional duck and carrion. Once there is ice on the lake, a river would be the logical open… Read more »

Hummingbirds at Clark Lake

Photos and text by Diane Deming (Some photos are at full screen–scroll down to continue  reading the entire story.  Click or tap any photo to enlarge; repeat, to reduce)

Those of us who feed hummingbirds throughout the spring and summer often wonder when we should take our feeders down in the fall. Will they… Read more »

Nine New Clark Lake Residents

It’s unusual this late in the season.  This mother duck just hatched 9.  Check out the photos from today.  Click or tap to enlarge; to reduce, repeat.

Eagle Sighting Near Mud Point

Ron and Beth June tell of the most recent eagle sighting:

At 2:40PM on August 18th, we saw the eagle circling over Mud Point…getting closer and closer to the water…..then down to the water, it snatched a fish in its claws and flew away over the trees. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my camera quickly enough… Read more »

Another Eagle Sighting

John Deming reports  he saw “an eagle fly over the house and circle over the water in front” this evening.  He describes it as a “mature bird with white tail and head. Just as soon as it was here, it was gone.”  He suspect boat traffic on the lake caused it to take off.  This… Read more »

Putting the Eagle Back into Eagle Point

John Stewart caught this magnificent predator in action along Eagle Point. John says the “eagle landed in the tree along Eagle Point [Wednesday] night with a bluegill.”  John was able to capture the moment as the eagle flew off to the west where it landed near Eagle Point Marina.

Eagles are sometimes seen on the… Read more »

Turtle Talk, Continued

Natural Encounters has several comments on turtles, or lack of them, at Clark Lake.  The latest is from John Deming (view others by scrolling down).

I suspect all of our turtle population is going into significant decline as a result of our continued attempt to make the lake into a “pool” rather than a natural… Read more »

More on Clark Lake Turtles

We have only seen one small snapping turtle this year near Oakwood Park. Folks that like to stir up the seaweed in shallow waters with their wave runners don’t realize they may be running over the turtles!

-Becky Consonni

Comment from Beth Noe June:

Sadly, a rather large dead turtle washed up on our shore… Read more »

Clark Lake Owls

Diane and John Deming have been watching barred owl family near their Clark Lake home.  The story, told by Diane Deming, starts on a sad note–

Unfortunately the baby owl was electrocuted on our neighbor’s power line on June 7th. This is the second time this has happened in three years. I am going to… Read more »