Natural Encounters

More on Clark Lake Turtles

We have only seen one small snapping turtle this year near Oakwood Park. Folks that like to stir up the seaweed in shallow waters with their wave runners don’t realize they may be running over the turtles!

-Becky Consonni

Comment from Beth Noe June:

Sadly, a rather large dead turtle washed up on our shore… Read more »

Clark Lake Owls

Diane and John Deming have been watching barred owl family near their Clark Lake home.  The story, told by Diane Deming, starts on a sad note–

Unfortunately the baby owl was electrocuted on our neighbor’s power line on June 7th. This is the second time this has happened in three years. I am going to… Read more »

Getting Goosed at Clark Lake

Have you  noticed the three-family geese flock floating around the lake? We sure did one morning. They were all sleeping on our front yard. What a mess they left!!  Unfortunately my dog thinks this is a real treat, so we make sure to clean the area before she runs in the yard. I went on… Read more »

Winged Performance for the DamCam

As it turns out, the bird that performed for the DamCam on Friday was not a Sandhill crane, as first noted.  John Deming corrects the record– “it is a Great Blue Heron, similar in shape, but different in color.”

The heron hopped up on the CarpGard then made its way on the cement abutment and… Read more »

Sand Hill Crane Performs for the DamCam

Friday afternoon a Sand Hill Crane decided to explore the dam at Ocean Beach.  It hopped up on the CarpGard, then on to the reinforced cement abutment to the dam.

Clark Lake Turtles Are Still with Us

Through the years, kids have captured–and released–turtles at Clark Lake.  Sometimes, kids would mark the turtle with nail polish so they could see if they had captured a particular turtle before.  The good news is that turtles are still loving Clark Lake.

The turtles seen in these photos are the kind pursued for catch and… Read more »

Fawn Takes a Swim

It’s not unusual to see deer around Clark Lake.  But on Friday, a sighting took a different turn.  This fawn, separated from its mother, decided to take a swim and get a drink from the lake.  After surveying curious bystanders, the fawn, shivering, bolted from the lake and dashed off into the woods.

Cormorants–a New Threat to Clark Lake?

Not sure of the reason but our lake has attracted a group of cormorants. They are very effective at catching and eating small fish, fish that are about 6 inches long–perch and the recently planted walleye from last fall. Very expensive food for these birds!

There is strong evidence that cormorants cause problems. They destroyed… Read more »

Spring Migration

Late April and May are prime times for the spring migration of birds in southern Michigan. When it is warm enough for tiny bugs to appear, one can see many birds not normally seen as they migrate further north for breeding. Warblers are small birds that search for insects in forests and yards. Some of… Read more »

Baltimore Orioles Love Grape Jelly

The first male hummingbird, the first orioles, and the first house wren all arrived at our place on the same day this year, April 30th.

This photo shows an immature male Baltimore oriole eating grape jelly. We have taken flexible copper tubing and shaped it into a circle on the bottom to hold half of… Read more »