If you’ve been following this website, you know that over the last couple years more than one eagle has visited Clark Lake.  About a week ago, an eagle, just short of adulthood, tried to feast on ducks at both Eagle Point and the west end of the lake near the Township Park. Becky Consonni was not only able to photograph some of this activity, but also captured the eagle’s repeated attempt to grab ducks on video.  Becky took her video (and photos) at the west end location.

As you will notice, the ducks duck each time the eagle makes an attempt on them.

Becky found this link helpful in learning more about eagle behavior.

John Deming comments:

Great pictures. Without the lake being iced over or at least somewhat iced over, the eagles have a lesser chance of success because the ducks have more open water to escape into. All of the ducks in the pictures are mallards that have been well accustomed to the activity of the eagles. The maximum payload for an adult eagle is around 5 pounds. An adult mallard is around 3 lbs. Ask a pilot what the stall speed would be after crashing into a body of water and picking up 1/3 it’s weight? If it could only catch carp!