Natural Encounters

A Theme Is Developing

In human history, there is the reoccurring theme of biting off more than you can chew.  It also happens with Clark Lake’s natural encounters.  Today, Steve Lambert and his wife, Lauri, were aboard their kayak at the west end of the lake when they witnessed this.  According to Steve, “Pike eats bass, bass gets stuck… Read more »

An Encounter to Avoid

On Sunday, a couple, new to Clark Lake, was walking the Spirit Trail.  What the two spotted on Lakeview West just around the bend from Eagle Point was a surprise.  According to them, this snake had emerged from the swamp and was headed across the road.


To some who have viewed the photo,… Read more »

New Residents

by Bill Leutz

A new family of five has taken up residence in the ladder on the side of Ann Swain’s garage. Mother is keeping track of the home while father is grocery shopping.

The three children are still sleeping in their warm nest.

Clark Lake Critters

Clark Lake wildlife is showing itself.  On a lazy, sunny Thursday afternoon, these turtles spotted a boat lift without a boat.  What to do?  Starting sunning!

The turtles were sunning themselves at the east end of the lake.  Not far from the turtles, this swan family explored the south side shoreline on Friday afternoon.


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Great Blue Heron at Clark Lake

Great Blue Herons regularly visit Clark Lake.  But to watch them, you must be very still.  Like most birds, their vision is acute and can detect movement over a substantial distance. 

Yesterday, this heron patrolled the shores of Eagle Point, west end.  When it detected that it was being photographed, it took off.  But then… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Eagles

Recently two Clark Lake eagles visited and stayed long enough to put on an amazing show.  BJ Lyons caught them in action with his Eagle Spirit One drone.  Andrew Lajdziak edited the videos and brought it to life with a musical soundtrack. 

The eagles’ performance took place on Monday, February 6th.  Thanks to BJ and… Read more »

A New Swan in Charge

by John Deming

Swans have been using Clark Lake as a rookery for many years. I cannot remember when they didn’t attempt to nest at one of two locations at the east end. The east end has three areas that have at times been used by the swans for nesting purposes. The three sites are… Read more »

A Great Blue Heron Flyover

Against a clear blue sky this morning (Saturday 9/3/16), this great blue heron flew over the east end of Clark Lake, heading in a southerly direction.  In flight, this bird provides a remarkable appearance as it is one of the largest birds to show up in our state.  They eat about anything that they can get… Read more »

Sure Sign of Fall

The three amigos made their appearance early yesterday afternoon.  Diane Deming reports they were eating crab apples on a neighbor’s driveway.  She comments the “small dark spots are burrs–they are starting to shed their fur as their white spots are fading.”

Clark Lake’s Hummingbirds 2016

by Diane Deming

Hummingbirds in our area always return around the first week in May and we are ready for them. We have 6 feeders stationed all around our home and it keeps us busy cleaning and filling them. The males with their bright red throats arrive first to stake out their territory and the… Read more »