Clark Lake has its own Nat Geo moments no matter what the season.  Here are some captured this spring.

Two great blue herons rendezvoused for Steve and Margie Harris at 11 am, Wednesday, May 4.  Look carefully–one in the air, the other, on the dock.

The swan family was on display for the McKay’s on the same day, but in the evening. 


The turtles emerged from their long winter nap and once again took in the sun on Flip and Linda Reynold’s dock on May 1.

For up close and personal photos of last year’s visit, as well as notes on their habits, click here.

Buffleheads made their annual visit to Clark Lake.  Rick Belcher took these photos on April 23.

This guy made his appearance in March and hung out for a while.

Same one, but in April?

Colorful birds also spend quality time at Clark Lake.  They don’t always cooperate by posing, but this one did on March 2. 

Last season’s oak leaves have finally found their way to the leaf blower.  Fresh buds replace them for 2022. 


The lake is gradually acquiring shades of green.

  • Swamp along Eagle Point Rd
  • East end
  • Pierces Bay


And finally, some spring sunsets.

  • April 5, 2022
  • March 15, 2022
  • March 14, 2022