Historical Perspectives

Clark Lake Yacht Club

What motivates people to sail?  After all, sailing involves considerably more than a trip to the store.  You have to acquire and maintain the boat, and then, learn how to use it.  It has no steering wheel or accelerator.  And the sport must have more in it than putting on a picturesque show for others.

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Clark Lake’s West End in 1947

Histories of Clark Lake typically include iconic locations like Eagle Point, Ocean Beach and Pleasant View.  The west end, or head-of-the-lake, has always been important to the lake. And it, too, is fondly remembered.

In 1947 Norma Gallaway (Lee) wrote a term paper for a sociology class.  Today it offers a fascinating snapshot in story… Read more »

Got a Dime?

Telephone service at Clark Lake and in our world has changed in huge ways.  There was a palpable reminder of this when this telephone booth showed up recently at Clark Lake Classics, next to the Post Office, on Hyde Road. This piece of history still has a phone in it and instructions to deposit a… Read more »

How Pierce’s Bay Came to Be

 By Bill Leutz

I recently had the opportunity to look at two old title abstracts for property on Lake View (West) Drive. These abstracts were for the two lots owned by Eben ‘Dick’ Swain – my sister’s father-in-law. Within these abstracts, I was surprised to find the story of Pierce’s Bay.

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The Clark Lake Canal that Almost Happened

If you’ve ever had a daydream about expanding Clark Lake’s waters beyond the current shoreline, you should find this real-life story fascinating.  In the 1940s William Keast purchased three cottages and a farm house on 90 acres of land on the south side of the east end of Clark Lake.  His last name should help… Read more »

A Connection between the South Pacific and Clark Lake?

More than you might think.  And, of course, it’s South Pacific, the musical, that got Clark Lake’s attention in multiple ways.

In 1963 the Clark Lake Players moved due south from Pleasant View to the pavilion at Eagle Point.  The space previously been a roller skating rink, and before that, a dance hall visited by… Read more »

Clark Lake Rendezvous with Nippers and Rebels

by Bill Leutz

Ray Greene was a boat builder active in Toledo, Ohio from 1936-1975. Many of us on Clark Lake are very familiar with two of his designs, the 12-foot Nipper, and the 16-foot Rebel sailboat. Greene began his company in 1936 with a two-man daysailer called the National One-design. This was a 17-foot… Read more »

St. Rita Chapel at Clark Lake

For decades, St. Rita Chapel stood near Kentucky Point. Today St. Rita’s is located on the southwest corner of Jefferson and Hayes Roads.

In 1968 Margaret Bendele bought the original wooden structure and had it moved.  In this video she tells the story of how this happened.

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Eagle Point Token Update

Over the last few months, tokens bearing the name of Eagle Point Hotel have surfaced.  First to make it to this website was a token owned by Bob Fish.  He explained that his mother worked at the hotel in the 1950s and he found it among her belongings.  Pam Chmiel has a bracelet of them… Read more »

The Lost Town in Our Midst

by Bill Leutz

Most current residents of Brooklyn and Clark Lake probably know very little about a town that once existed between them; the town of Jefferson. I have talked to younger acquaintances who have grown up on Clark Lake who have never heard of it. This is not surprising as… Read more »