Every so often, a tidbit, or factoid, from Clark Lake’s past comes to light.  Often there is not much context available, but nonetheless it’s interesting to learn about.  Once a factoid is published, it may jostle memories that could add to the story.  If that happens for this one or others, please email clarklakespirit@gmail.com.  

Did you know that Eagle Point once had a baseball team?  According to the Jackson Citizen Patriot, the team was called the Eagle Point Tigers. Harry Reece, who had a cottage on Eagle Point Road, was a “main cog” in the amateur team, as you will see if you read his obituary, below. 

Though not in the article, a baseball diamond once existed on Eagle Point in the area now occupied by the Marina.  Was that their practice field and where competitive games were played?  

Here is the obituary for Harry Reece from November 4, 1953.

This photo is from a postcard, probably from around 1960.  Both the newspaper clipping and postcard were found in the Every cottage. 


I played Little League ball on the field where the marina is now in the 50’s. I think the coach’s name was Lefty. As I remember the field was not very level with it sloping toward the lake.  
John Deming

When i was a little girl we rented the Every cottage every summer.  I remember watching baseball games being played at the park where the Marina parking lot is now located. We used to call that park the ball diamond. Since i was a very young girl and not interested in the game I do not remember who played. I do remember ball tournaments being played and that one team was from Eagle Point, I think it had some affiliation with the hotel.
Ann Swain