Clark Lake Tributes

Ann Clark • 1934 – 2014

The following Clark Lake Tribute to Ann Clark, D.V.M, was written by her children–Elaine Stewart, Brad Clark, and Karen Clark.

Dr. Ann N. Clark was born Ann Louise Nichols on November 14th, 1934. The date recently became significant to the Clark Lake community when a bench in her honor was fittingly constructed on her birthday…. Read more »

Airman Second Class Billy Scoville

by Walt Reed

A long time ago in a world called Clark Lake there lived a family called Scoville. They lived on Vining street. Vining Street is the short street from the old railroad station (near the Clark Lake Lions clubhouse) to the edge of Clark Lake on Hyde road.

Ward “Mac” Scoville, the dad,… Read more »

Harold “Hop” Anderson • 1930-2015

This tribute is based on a Memorial Day salute on May 30, 2016.  It was part of an address given by Lynn VanWagnen, M.D. that he delivered after the parade on the grounds of the Clark Lake Community Church at the west end.  As he began telling Hop Anderson’s story to the crowd, Dr. VanWagnen thanked Nancy Anderson, Hop’s widow, for… Read more »

Mary Nichols Bentley • 1926 – 2016

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, family and friends gathered at St. Rita Catholic Church to celebrate the life of Mary Nichols Bentley, who passed away September 25th.  Among the many present were her husband, Dr. Jack Bentley, and their four daughters.  During the service, Gail related a touching story about her mother.  The story shines… Read more »

Angela Rensch Ligibel • 1924-2016

On July 30, 2016, Angela Rensch Ligibel passed away.  She was loved by her family and countless friends, many of whom are fellow Clark Lakers.

On this Tribute page, you’ll find her obituary, two tributes, and this commemoration that took place on Sunday, September 4th.

Angela’s birthday was in early September.  It was traditionally a… Read more »

Don H. Nichols, M.D. 1937 – 2016

Don died peacefully in the cottage at Clark Lake, Michigan early in the morning on Saturday July 16, 2016. He fought a four year, ugly battle with colon cancer. He lived with his wife of 56 years Wilma Joyce (Ward) Nichols in Clark Lake, Michigan, Oceanside, California and Salt Lake City, Utah depending on the… Read more »

George Svinicki • 1956-2013

Clark Lake will miss George Svinicki, who passed away Sunday, October 6th.  He will long be remembered by his family and many friends. As someone who was highly involved in our community, he will also be remembered for his leadership in Clark Lake projects and events in which he was involved.

George Svinicki was the… Read more »

Tom Collins • 1943-1997

Loving Clark Lake and having a big impact on it sometimes go hand-in-hand.  In the life of Tom Collins, the two were solidly united.  What may be long remembered about Tom Collins was his spirit and what that meant to those around him.  It permeated everything and place he touched.

Tom Collins was… Read more »

Jim Swain • 1938-2006

By Bill Leutz

Sometimes it is hard to talk of the lost friends of our past, sometimes it’s so easy that we can’t stop the rushing of the words. Of all that comes to me about Jim Swain, what’s important is how much he gave to me, and how he fit into my life.

Jim… Read more »