Jane Mahalak passed away November 30, 2021.  Her husband, Ralph Mahalak Sr. died in 2017.  They leave behind families who have strong connections to Clark Lake.  You may know the Mahalak name as they were both the inspiration and sponsor of Freedom Fireworks at the lake, which people describe as nothing short of awesome.     

The Mahalak’s have nearly a 40- year history at Clark Lake that began when Ralph Sr and his wife, Jane, purchased a cottage in the Kentucky Point cove.  That started the long tradition of the Mahalak’s enjoying Clark Lake every summer. “I was about 20 and a sophomore in college at the time,” recalls Ralph Jr.  “My four siblings—Mike, J.P., Monica , Alex—and I got Clark Lake in our blood.“  And nothing about that has changed through the years.  “There is something magic about being here. No matter what may be on your mind about business or otherwise, you put it aside when you arrive at the lake.  When you’re here, everything is good.” 

The family gathered at the dam for this photo at the Spirit Trail bench which honors the memory of Ralph Sr.  Jane was seated, lower left. 

Visitation will take place at the Bacarella Funeral Home on Thursday, December 9, from noon to 3 pm, and 5 pm to 8 pm.   The funeral will be at St. Johns Church, on Friday, December 10th (10 am lay in state, and funeral mass at 11 am).   A lunch reception–noon, Friday.   The family suggests in lieu of flowers, a donation to the MCCC (click here for details) or charity of choice.    

Ralph Jr. adds that his mother would insist that he include this: “GO BLUE”

Top L to R: J.P., Mike, Ralph Jr, Alex   Bottom L to R: Jane, Ralph Sr