Look what happened to this six-year old on her visit to Clark Lake today.  Leona and her family are from Wisconsin and are visiting their cousins, the Lajdziak’s.  As many at Clark Lake know, Andrew Lajdziak is wake board expert.  There is little he can’t do, including surfing.  Riding behind a boat designed for creating wake, you surf on the wave–no need for a tow rope.  It’s like surfing in California, except at Clark Lake, there are no concerns about undertow, sharks, or the possibility of a tsunami.

Today, Andrew took Leona for the ride of her life.  Here she is under Andrew’s firm protection as they surfed from the west to the east end of the lake.

Clark Lake has spawned champion skiers–people like Jon Broderick, Lynn Vermeulen, Kay Vermeulen, Buzz Belcher, Phil Curtis, Gary Krupa, Tony Krupa, Charlie Timberlake, and others.  In the evolution of skiing has come the wake board.  Slaloms are still around, but skiing has definitely changed, as you can see Andrew demonstrate, below.

If you have questions about the sport, Andrew has answers.  You can find him at Boater’s Choice in Brooklyn.