Winter at Clark Lake presents dramatically different options for outside activity, especially when compared to summer.  Raft rides, swimming and sun tans are replaced by the cold and what it brings.  Clark Lakers adapt.

The Hyde Road Hotties show how it’s done.  Yesterday evening (Fri 1/19) C.J. Cox and friends gathered in front of the fire by the shore, and enjoyed the lake.

At the same time, and a few feet away, Dan Omo was creating a new ice skating rink for the neighborhood.

Nature also adjusts.  Today (Sat) at 8:30 am (temperature 1 degree), these Sandhill Cranes parked themselves on the ice.  This photo was taken from the Eagle Point shoreline, looking west.


Tucker Boyers captured a larger group at closer range on Monday afternoon.


More on the weather.  Starting in October, this website began regularly tracking and recording rain and snowfall (one very early, light snowfall was not recorded).

For October thru January 9th, rain totaled 5 inches.  From November 26 thru Friday, January 19, total snowfall was 9 1/2 inches.


Is there more?  What better way to greet a cold Saturday at the end of January by plunging into Clark Lake’s refreshingly chilled waters.  Once again, the Eagle’s Nest Bar & Grill is hosting the January 27th event. Plungers will jump from the Marina gas dock into a hole in the ice, courtesy of the Columbia Township Fire Department (presuming the lake freezes over).  This fundraiser benefits Special Olympics, and you can register by clicking here. 

Here’s the prep for the Plunge:

  • 12:30pm – Plunge Check-In Opens & Pre-Plunge Party.  Participants turn in cash & check donations, get incentives, prepare to plunge!
  • 2 pm – Plunge into Clarklake
  • Once completed, plungers and their entourages will gather inside the Eagle’s Nest for the After-Splash Bash & Awards.  Lunch is included for all plungers who raise $100+.  Drinks/lunch for spectators will be available for purchase.

How did the Plunge go last year?  Check out this very popular video.


The Clark Lake Cup returns on Saturday, February 3rd.

This annual hockey match features the West End of the lake (the Narrows or Eagle Point) vs the East End (Almeda Court).  Last year the game was played on the East End’s home rink, not far from Ocean Beach Road, south of the dam.  For 2024, the West End hosts.  The puck drops at noon in the Eagle Point Cove, or on the west side of the point near the Eagle’s Nest.

Ice came and went a few times last winter.  That put the game in doubt.  As it turned out, the day of the game was absolutely perfect.  The ice was thick enough and smooth like glass.  Check it out in this video.