The much heralded winter storm has made its way from the Pacific Ocean to Clark Lake.  At 9 am today (Wednesday 2/24) visibility is reduced and snow is beginning to accumulate.  Bill Leutz captured an early look at it this morning.

BL storm 2016 02-24_edited-1Here is radar showing the storm’s advance.

radar 845 am 2016 02-24Current weather is always displayed on the main page of this website.  Through a link, (get your 5 day forecast) you can always get the latest on Clark Lake as provided by the National Weather Service.  Below is the detailed forecast as of the 8 am hour today (Wednesday 2/24) and the weather warning.  Click here to get Consumers Energy advice posted earlier on this website about possible power outages and a way to keep informed easily if they affect Clark Lake.

forecast 2016 02-24warning 2016 02-24_edited-1