Clark Lake will focus on the Eagle Point shoreline tomorrow, Saturday, for the 2020 Winter Classic.  That’s the venue for the annual hockey rivalry that pits one end of the lake against the other.  It’s Almeda Court facing off against Eagle Point.  This rivalry has gone on for several years, and it’s not ending anytime soon.  The teams both gathered at the Beach Bar tonight, and huddled among their own, no doubt to discuss strategies to take home the win.  Watch this video to get a preview and to learn the surprising nicknames the teams have adopted.

The game will take place tomorrow, Saturday, shortly after Michigan and Michigan State complete their own rivalry, probably after 2 pm.  The Foundation’s Spirit Cam will be aimed at the venue.  Although more than a mile away, it will give viewers an idea of what is going on.

How serious is this game?  One participant explained that’s it’s something like Raft-O-Rama.  You’re in it for the fun, but competitive spirits come out, and each team wants the victory.  Almeda Court is not leaving things to chance.  They have a lighted rink to practice on as you can see in this photo.

This is a home game for Eagle Point.  B.J. Lyons, Andrew Lajdziak, Cara and Caroline King have taken turns clearing the ice of snow.  The rink itself is close to regulation size, about 175 feet long. 

B.J. Lyons working on the rink with his snowblower.