Please welcome Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs and Brooklyn Family Dentistry as a new sponsor to this website.

Jeff Jacobs grew up in suburban Detroit.  But when it came to launching his career, he yearned for a life where the pace was more manageable, where lengthy commutes and traffic weren’t a fact of life, and where people were friendly and down to earth.  Brooklyn turned out to be perfect.  This is where his work started 23 years ago. Not only did he acquire his predecessor’s practice, but also bought his house.  Jeff, his wife, and three children live just a few blocks away.  He comments “it’s a quick commute.”    

Early on, Dr. Jacobs faced another career choice.  “How do I balance the desire for time and material things on the personal side versus investing in my business?”  He chose to focus on his education and investing in technology for the office.  Brooklyn Family Dentistry is now located in a state-of-the-art building on Marshall Street (Jefferson Road), across from the Township office.  “I’m passionate about the health of our patients.  This advanced facility supports our team of seven professionals so we can best serve our patients.” It might be a surprise to hear that dentistry is both science and art.  “Finding creative solutions that are uniquely tailored for each individual motivates me when I come through the door every morning.”

Properly diagnosing issues is a critical step in treatment, and Brooklyn Family Dentistry has state-of-the-art instruments to accomplish this. “For many treatment programs, our 3-D imaging, or cone beam technology, is the pinnacle.  For example, it allows us to place implants with maximum accuracy and safety.  On an overall basis, the technology leads to economical solutions for the patient.”  How does that work out?  “When I see someone’s new smile, and how that changes his or her life, I end the day with a big smile of my own.”

Dr. Jacobs finished his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan, attended dental school at the University of Detroit, completed a residency in Toledo, and earned a master’s degree in dentistry at the Medical College of Ohio.  What was a major takeaway from that experience? “I learned you can never stop learning.  I’ve made it my goal to take advantage of the latest research and technology.  My vision is to put that together with 20 years of experience for the benefit of my patients.” 

About living in small community, Jeff says “it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.  We love this area. My youngest son and daughter both attend local schools, and my eldest is in her senior year at the University of Michigan.  She’s now applying for dental school, which hasn’t gotten an easier. But she’s motivated, just as I was.”  And about Clark Lake? “We enjoy visiting friends at the lake and dining out at the Beach Bar and The Pointe, as well as sharing business with our partners in the area.”     

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